The switchable privacy film

Transform your glass surfaces into dynamic elements at the touch of a button.

Discover the revolution for your glass surfaces: Our switchable privacy film offers you control at the push of a button. Clear and transparent one moment, opaque and private the next, this cutting-edge film technology combines design with functionality. Ideal for commercial and private spaces, our intelligent film adapts to your needs and creates new possibilities for the use of your space without sacrificing style or comfort.

Switchable privacy film

Immerse yourself in the world of switchable glass and films equipped with advanced PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) technology. When the current is activated, the liquid crystal molecules align to provide clear transparency and an unobstructed view. However, if the power is switched off, the appearance changes to an attractive, frosted white design. As experienced specialists, we work with a range of leading suppliers to not only give you access to this impressive technology, but also to ensure a proper, professional installation that transforms your environment.

Quality and service

Our selection of switchable PDLC films stands for quality and reliability. With our experience in the area of film installation, we rely on products that impress with the best materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Quality is our top priority because we know how important a reliable privacy solution is for your premises.

The switchable PDLC films we selected are outstanding not only because of their durability, which promises a service life of over 10 years, but also because of their protective functions. The films offer effective UV and IR protection, which means they work optimally even in direct sunlight. This not only ensures the protection of your interior but also comfort and safety during use.

By selecting only the best products available on the market, we guarantee you first-class quality and reliable application. Trust in our know-how and experience to offer you perfect solutions for your needs!

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Intuitive operation

Our technology is not only advanced, but also designed to be user-friendly. You decide how and when you want to activate or deactivate the privacy protection:

  1. Via app: With just a few clicks you can control the transparency of the film using a specially developed app on your smartphone or tablet. This enables flexible handling, even if you are not directly on site.

  2. Using a remote control: A practical tool that is always at hand. The included remote control enables uncomplicated control – ideal for quickly switching between transparency and privacy protection.

  3. With a permanently installed switch: For those who like it classic, we offer a permanently installed switch. This is attached directly to the wall and ensures permanent access.

Our goal is to offer you maximum flexibility in combination with the highest level of comfort. Enjoy the innovative advantages of our film technology and always maintain control over your premises.

Your glass as an impressive projection surface

When the privacy screen is activated, our switchable film not only turns into an effective privacy screen, but also offers an optimal projection surface. This innovative technology allows you, for example, to project presentations, videos or images directly onto the glass. This opens up new creative possibilities for conferences, promotions or other events. Use the versatility of our technology and delight your audience with a special kind of visual experience.

Privacy at your fingertips

Our switchable films offer you the opportunity to switch your rooms from transparent to opaque in no time, ensuring your privacy at all times.

UV protection

The technologically advanced materials of the films block harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and preventing furniture and floor coverings from fading.

Sound insulation

Aside from visual protection, our films also provide some sound insulation, which is particularly beneficial in noisy urban areas or office environments.


The reinforcing properties of the films increase the safety of your windows by holding the glass together if broken, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

Energy efficiency

Thanks to the film’s regulating function in terms of light transmission, you can save energy costs because less air conditioning is required and the temperature in your rooms remains pleasant.

Elegant design

The switchable films fit seamlessly into any design concept, as they offer a high-quality look both when switched off (opaque) and when switched on (transparent).

Diverse areas of application


Switch Glass offers banks the ideal balance between aesthetics and protection from unwanted glances. Save consultation moments with one click.

Conference rooms

Switch between openness and privacy depending on the needs of the meeting. Our technology makes it possible.

Car dealerships

Highlight vehicles while protecting customer conversations. Our film adapts to every situation.

Office building

Switchable films are ideal for meeting rooms, providing privacy when needed and promoting an open, inviting work environment when transparent.


Switchable films offer jewelry stores the flexibility to discreetly protect valuable exhibits or display them specifically, ensuring security and an exclusive customer experience.

Hotels and Hospitality: Guest Comfort

Offers hotel guests the ability to adjust their windows for greater privacy without sacrificing views or light, while helping to reduce energy costs.

Our trusted partner for quality

We are proud to partner with Switchfoil international, known for its reliable and high quality switchable privacy films. Their dedication to superior products ensures our customers receive only the best.

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