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The switchable film is versatile and ideal for a range of industries and applications. This includes:

  1. Office buildings and conference rooms: For data protection during meetings and a customizable office environment.
  2. Banks and Financial Institutions: To protect confidential information and keep customers safe.
  3. Retail and jewelry stores: For dynamic window design and additional security measures.
  4. Healthcare: To ensure patient privacy and adjust the environment for a comfortable stay.
  5. Car dealerships: For elegant presentation of vehicles and protection from direct sunlight.
  6. Private households: For modern interior design and controllable lighting conditions.
  7. Hotels and Hospitality: To create exclusive and customizable spaces for guests.

Die schaltbare Sichtschutzfolie bietet mehrere signifikante Vorteile, die sie zu einer attraktiven Option für verschiedene Anwendungen machen:

  1. Privatsphäre auf Knopfdruck: Die Möglichkeit, die Transparenz der Folie elektrisch zu steuern, bietet sofortige Privatsphäre, wenn sie benötigt wird, ohne den Raum zu verdunkeln oder die Ästhetik des Raumes zu beeinträchtigen.
  2. UV-Schutz: Die Folie blockiert bis zu 99% der UV-Strahlen, wodurch das Interieur geschützt und das Ausbleichen von Möbeln, Teppichen und Kunstwerken verhindert wird.
  3. Schalldämmung: Zusätzlich zur optischen Privatsphäre bietet die schaltbare Folie eine gewisse Schalldämmung, was zu einer ruhigeren und konzentrierteren Umgebung beiträgt.
  4. Sicherheit: Die Folie verstärkt das Glas, an dem sie angebracht wird, und erhöht so die Sicherheit durch zusätzlichen Schutz vor Einbruch und Glasbruch.
  5. Energieeffizienz: Indem sie die Lichtdurchlässigkeit reguliert, kann die schaltbare Folie helfen, die Energiekosten zu senken, da weniger Aufwand für die Klimatisierung der Räume erforderlich ist.
  6. Design und Ästhetik: Mit ihrer modernen, sauberen Optik bietet die Folie Designflexibilität und fügt sich nahtlos in verschiedene Architekturstile ein. Sie ermöglicht es auch, den Raum dynamisch an unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse und Stimmungen anzupassen, ohne physische Vorhänge oder Jalousien zu benötigen.

Installation time may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, our team always strives to work efficiently and with minimal disruption.

The switchable film can be safely cleaned with a 96% alcohol solution. It is important that you only wipe the film with a damp cloth and do not wet it with too much liquid. Also avoid abrasive cleaning agents such as scrubbing brushes or scouring milk to avoid damaging the surface of the film.

The switchable film is based on the so-called “Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal” (PDLC) technology. This is a composition of liquid crystals embedded in a polymer matrix. When de-energized, the liquid crystals are arranged randomly, making the film opaque and scattering the light. When an electric current is applied, the crystals align, the film becomes clear, and the light can pass through. This change occurs in a fraction of a second and allows for instant switching between transparency and opaqueness, enabling various practical applications in residential and commercial environments.

The switchable film offers a versatile application and can be used on a variety of glass surfaces. This includes:

  1. Windows: It enables privacy for office buildings, apartments, conference rooms and more by controlling the transparency of window glass.
  2. Glass Doors: Ideal for entrance areas or internal doors where you can switch between transparency and privacy as needed.
  3. Partitions: Particularly useful in open offices, meeting rooms or anywhere flexible privacy zones need to be created.
  4. Showcases & Shop Windows: An innovative tool for retailers to create dynamic displays or protect sensitive objects from UV light without sacrificing aesthetics.

Thanks to its flexibility and easy installation, switchable film is a preferred choice for various glass surfaces that require customizable privacy protection.

We adapt the positioning of the cables for the privacy film individually to your wishes, whereby they are usually attached to the longer edge. For portrait formats with an aspect ratio greater than 1:4, we place the cable connections on opposite sides. For such specific requirements, we recommend personal consultation to find the best solution for your situation.

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