Switch Glass:
From transparent to private at the touch of a button

At Switch Glass, we combine advanced privacy technology with superior installation service. Just press a button and your glass surfaces switch between transparency and privacy.

Privacy protection rethought

At Switch Glass, we understand the importance of privacy and adaptability. With our innovative privacy protection technology and reliable installation service, we help you design your glass surfaces exactly according to your wishes. Simple, efficient and customer-focused.

Experience glass in a new way: flexibility at the touch of a button

Discover the next generation of glass design at Switch Glass. A switchable film not only gives your glass surfaces a modern look, but also the ability to adjust privacy and light transmission to your liking. Design your room dynamically and intuitively.


Switch Glass offers banks the ideal balance between aesthetics and protection from unwanted glances. Save consultation moments with one click.

Conference rooms

Switch between openness and privacy depending on the needs of the meeting. Our technology makes it possible.

Car dealerships

Highlight vehicles while protecting customer conversations. Our film adapts to every situation.

Complete package

We not only offer advanced privacy protection technology, but also professional installation. One contact for all needs.

Quality assurance

By combining product and service from a single source, we ensure that both the film and the installation meet the highest standards.

Time saving

Customers do not have to look for separate providers for product and assembly. With us you get everything quickly and efficiently from one source.


Our experts are not only trained in assembly, but also in the product itself, which leads to optimal application and advice.

Flexible solutions

Based on the customer’s individual needs, we offer tailored solutions to get the best possible benefit from our technology.

Customer support

We support our customers from the initial consultation through to follow-up care to ensure they are completely satisfied.

All from a single source!

We listen, advise individually and implement skilfully. At Switch Glass you experience a seamless combination of advice, sales and professional installation.


We listen and understand. Your wishes and requirements are the focus of our individual advice.


Innovative and reliable: Our privacy protection technology combines aesthetics with function for your room.


Precision meets expertise. Our specialist teams ensure a smooth and high-quality installation.

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